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Bulabog Beach

Boracay Island, Malay Aklan

5608 Philippines

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Mobile:                     +63 926 268 0369

5 thoughts on “My Contact Info”

  1. Pierre Carlo Curay said:

    hello paul,

    I have been reading your posts about organic farming particularly using african nightcrawlers. I just came from Bacolod a few days ago and was told about your farm and website at I was naturally interested however I was told that I should set an appointment. Unfortunately, I had a few more days in bacolod and was not able to visit the farm. Can you recommend me someone here in Manila where I can learn vermicomposting. Just to give a brief background. I started vermicomposting with a kilo of worms in plastic containers in our house in Paranaque. I didnt have the area to make a raised bed for the worms so I opted to raise them in containers. However all the knowledge I learned is from the Internet and I would like to learn more by looking for a mentor to help learn this practice. Basically I put soil, wood shavings and grind up all our household vegetable wastes and put it in the container. After a week I put in a Kilo of worms more than a month ago. Also i observed that to feed the ANC I just put the ground up vegetable wastes on top of the soil and they would feed on it. I used to put it underneath the soil but it seems that it takes longer for them to feed on it. I just have an initial question. With that method normally how long will the soild be ready to us on planting? On the other hand, on your organic farms how long does it take to make the soil ready for use in the farm?

    Hope to hear from you soon because I am very excited.

    Thanks again and God bless!


  2. Rodel Esler said:

    hi paul,

    i read your article about the solid waste management program of Brgy. Balabag.. During our visit, i really admired the initiative of the officials of the brgy and municipality for the initiative..

    During our visit, I would like to replicate the production of garden bricks using the crushed bottles and plastics.. I am looking for the machine, but i like the machine fabricated by the Brgy. Balabag..

    May i ask for the contact number of the BArangay MRF if we could possibly order the fabricated machine (plastic shredder and bottle granulator including the brick maker machine..

    Thank you very much..

  3. Rodel Esler said:

    thank you paul.. God bless..

  4. Paul hi! I’m working in Mindanao right now but my family owns an area in Iloilo City which is not utilized. We are thinking of putting up an organic farm (urban setting). Can you recommend any training centers offering courses nearby by Iloilo? The nearest I knew of is in Negros.


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