I never understood the whole idea of blogging till 2009, and always wondered why people would go into so much trouble to write about anything that came to their mind. I started reading my friend’s blogs and found them interesting, fun and informative. It seemed like so much work and  I really had no idea how these things were done. Yet, for many years, people always told me I should write about my colorful life experiences. Just today, I somehow got into this thing called WordPress while tinkering with our farm website and had a flash of inspiration. It seemed so simple and easy…..it was certainly worth a try!

The Organic Coach is probably the best description of the work I do, travelling to remote places and tropical islands, building farms from scratch, sharing technology while having one hell of a great time. This blog is about the work and play of an organic coach, places I visit, people I meet, farms I’ve helped make. It is also meant to share the basics of organic farming and encouraging people to take a closer look at the advantages of cleaner, healthier food. It is also meant to share about little things we can do reduce the carbon footprint – one person at a time. It will also be a fun blog, because I’ve always believed if something ain’t fun, it ain’t worth doing at all.

Here goes the first step, the thousand miles come next…..