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African Nightcrawler

A few months ago, a friend of mine encouraged me to check out this website called LinkedIn. Never having been a big fan of social networking until a few years ago, I was hesitant in immersing myself in yet another virtual community. I did not take long for me to catch on. This seemed like the professional version of that phenomenal network called Facebook. Here on Linked In, though, I came to join discussion groups of people involved in the same industry I was. On the Vermicomposting Network, I met Cassandra Truax, CEO of Wormilicious, a vermicomosting farm in San Antonio, Texas. I got an email from her asking to me to be a guest on her website podcast, specifically to talk about Vermicomposting in the Philippines and our own farm. Arranging a call through Skype, she interviewed me for close 25 minutes where I shared the work I do, the farm I live in and the organic agriculture industry in Negros Island and the Philippines. It was an excellent way of sharing ideas through the use of the internet, I thought it would be worth sharing here too. Please click the link below and open Podcast 11, it should play automatically if things work out well. Happy listening!